Hydrogen Flouride is important for lots of things your family needs, from aluminum foil to gasoline for your car! We’re lucky to have this important chemical as a neighbor in Duluth and Superior.

Fact 1

Hydrogen Fluoride gets used to produce aluminum, so think of HF when you have your next can of pop!1

Fact 2

The next time you’re doing your homework by a fluorescent light bulb, you can thank hydrogen fluoride!1

Fact 3

Hydrogen Fluoride is used to increase the octane level of gasoline, which is fuel for those REALLY cool sports cars.1

Fact 4

Hydrogen Fluoride can eat through concrete, glass, and even metal. Tell the Paw Patrol it could take down the Kitten Catastrophe Crew!2

Fact 5

Hydrogen Fluoride gets emitted during volcanic eruptions! But not when you make a volcano with vinegar and baking soda.1

Fact 6

Hydrogen Fluoride exposure can cause weakened bones. Another reason it’s so important to finish your milk carton at lunch!1

Info for Grown-ups

Health facts about Hydrogen Fluoride for Mom and Dad. 


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